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As it should, Tony Hawk 4 retains the best aspects of its previous version and tweaks gameplay to improve the overall experience. Full Specifications. What’s new in version demo. Release November 8, Date Added June 11, Version demo. Operating Systems. Total Downloads , Downloads Last Week Report Software. Related Software.

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Kick, dribble, and score more goals in Konami’s latest installment of the realistic soccer series. Skate 4 isn’t anywhere near done, but EA wants you to know it’s still working on it.

EA to reveal Skate 4 in July – report. Doki Doki Literature Club publisher has another visual horror novel on the way. Final Fantasy 16 is going to be at least a little bit horny. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 spins its web towards an Autumn release date. Modern Warfare 2’s mid season update isn’t going so smoothly. It’s official, the best Final Fantasy is none other than If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.

Read our editorial policy. Watch on YouTube. No story mode, no online mode. Just challenges to unlock realistic spots i. This is about to turn into a long rant, read on for the opinion of someone who really loves the game and the sport. When I play this game I play on hardcore, low camera.

This makes the game the hardest in most players opinions. And also gives you the most intense view of the skateboard action! Most often I free skate. I try only tricks that are pleasing to the eye, no button mashing. If I really like the trick I use the replay editor to film it as realistically as possible using advanced free cam. When I play with friends, we pass the controller and S.

E where the trick must be matched exactly, but not taking into account the meaningless point given to grind length, ect. OP started to talk about more realism in the gameplay towards the end. And here are my two cents of a more perfect skate 4 game. First, keep all walking and spot marker controls the same and difficulty settings the same. Second, drop unnecessary gameplay. I have been play SKATE from day 1 and have never met someone in real life who plays this game for the story or online.

This is a modified version of the flicking system but with more finesse and more sensitivity. Instead of holding down on the R stick and flicking upwards as hard as possible for a good ollie, the play would start from center and go down and up as hard and fast as possible.

As soon as the stick starts moving down the front of the board starts to go up into a manuel. This is what I meant by sensitive. This would make game play very realistic, and would mimic what is happening right now in the real skateboard trick trends.

Imagine a backlip on a ledge and then you pull down hard on the R stick while holding or hitting the L stick to pivot around to the other side of the ledge into a front lip! Or approaching a wall at an angle and flicking down hard to do a wallride that doesnt make it look like the skater magically flips dimensions and sticks to the wall, which was always bothered me. Landing into tricks like a nice class krook down a steep rail, wont have to look like a willygrind at first.

I think it will also make vert skating and liptricks much more fun and realistic. I could go on and on about what I want to see in skate4 but I dont want to water-down how important I think a new controller mechanic would change and improve the game. I would love to hear responses from anyone. And EA, if read this and you think Im the skate christ, your savior, then hit me up. I wouldnt charge you much.

Forget getting every pro under the sun in the game. It is more about making your own funny skaters. But just get whoever wants in. My bet is that the pros who want to be in will be the ones little kids or a uber fans want anyways. Go make your own game. Back to my first point of the last post, we will pay money for these games. Make it good, make it expensive. This could change the quality of games for other producers too. And skate downhill could be cool.

But I would not focus a whole game on slide moves. If there ever is a skate 4 game i thought of an idea of a fear meter. Cuz when you skate fear has a lot to do with it. Youre not gonna just jump over 25 stairs.

You need to build confidence and if there was a fear meter for like big gaps and stuff. Maybe like a skill set like how toney hawk had but more advanced. Like ollie hieght, fear, balance, consistancy with each flip trick.

Fear would bhave something to do with hangtime and distance and speed. And like combo tricks too. Skill set. That would be nice. And it would progress thoughout the game. They need to remember us longboarders too! Instead of racing on skateboards they should incorporate longboards on some sick mountains. I think EA should make a skate 4 because although skate, skate 2, and skate 3 are really good, I think they Should make an overall epic game!

That is my opinion. Id gladly pay for skate 4 regardless. I agree skate 3 is not as genuine as it could have been. All these people asking for scooters.. Snow boarding either.. So pointless to make a skate game with anything other than a skateboard. But ife glady pay for skate 4 if it was ever a game.

They could add a face recognition with the xbox one kinect to almost replicate the players face features kind of like what tony hawk game did with the eye toy. They should make separate games for that and snowboarding cause i think those games would sell also.

I agree with the people who said stuff about adding more skaters and real parks and private skate parks like the berrics. Another thing would be to add contests like street league and xgames maybe battle at the berrics would be cool. Finally, keep the ability to create parks, maybe make it better if possible cause the is a big reason why i would play skate 3 over skate 2.

For people into freeriding make mountains like alaska and british colombia also so it would be good for everyone. Yea, Skate 2 was unique for its open world swag, exploration, slang, realness and camera style. Skate 4 on next gen should look 3 times as good as skate 2 and should have good free roam controls when off the board to scale Parkour buildings and obstacles too eventually skate on, unlike skate 2. Along with an unlockable bmx mode after beating the game, skate 4 would be a great next gen game.

I would love to see board damage in skate 4,. And the ability to have shoe damage. And deck snaps. U can earn money for better boards. And like a store there like Zumiez. I play Skate 3 and i love it but my favorite thing to do besides skating is bmx. I would love a vmx game that has skate parks to ride and dirt jumps, it would be cool to kind of have the same idea as skate 3. Sales declined because skate 3 was garbage for anyone wanting big vert.. Not to mention you took the amazing thrasher wrecks and bone crushing fun, guessing ya decided it was too violent or something, bails are a huge part of skating….

Hey I know u want to see the skate franchise continue but we followed your character to the end of his skating carrier it would be pretty comical to see an old man on a board but all things must end. Lets get this straight Skate 2 was an amazing game, it took you into the world of a real skaters life; You have Rail guards, security guards, people that get into groups and beat you up, and the amazing falling animations.

Now group all of those and add it to the amazing features of skate 3; New tricks, Call skaters to skate with you, difficulty modes, and new styles of clothing. Then add the things that are needed; Bigger map, realistic styles of how people dress, even more clothes and tricks, bring back S. E, Bring buying clothes and getting board sells back, and my own idea; when getting to higher street contest you should go major and get into things like the X-Games. It should also provide more pro skaters.

Skate 4 should have skating, bmx, and parkour. EA should take its time with this one. I agree with damage and other stuff,but I mostly agree with bikes. I agree with what all of you said,but what about adding Go-karts,parkour,paintball,and airsoft? That would be amazing. Skateboarding, Biking, Scooters, and Rollerblades. Skate 3 was beyond an upset to me. Making your own skate team was very boring.

It took out the fun of actually getting sponsors and starting from the bottom to become a big pro. I think they should make skate 4 more realistic and like a journey of starting off as a skate shop sponsor then later earning big time sponsors turning into a big time pro doing film for a team tapes, taking photos for magazines, going on tour doing sessions,interviews, and doing big time competitions like street league and x games and the dew tour.

Make it more like what a skater goes through in real life even with sponsor contracts. The entire process of becoming a pro. I also think the sponsors you can get should be board sponsors, clothing, wheels, trucks, grip tape, bearings and even off-brand sponsors like red-bull , mountain dew, sprite etc. If you do that I promise this would be the best skate game in history. I totally agree. And they should definitely throw the Multiplayer modes from Skate 2 back into the series.

Maybe even a split-screen ehh idk. Theres some big ass TVs now lol. No hay un solo juego que pueda superar al modo de juego de skate ni bmx ni snow ni cualquier otro deporte extremo. No matter what surfing skateboarding and snowboarding will forever and always be the top extreme sports everyone in the world knows of skateboarding its been popular since sliced bread what really needs to happen is a skate game where you start somewhere in cali skating with super realistic game physics and movements every trick known to skateboarding premos caspers flamingos handstands cannonballs actual names of every trick a hurricane is not A smith grind all skate ledgends more og skate brands and the nowadays brands as well actual skate parks from any day in age i dont care if it takes 10 years to make.

A super! No tony hawk shit broken boards chipped boards ripped shoes scratches and bruises broken bones hospitals cops not security gaurds falling how it really would happen landing how it would really happen grabing and hand movements! Birt slides hand stands! Old school tricks new school tricks semi flips hospital flips forward flips dolphin flips rosemary flips twisty flips sexchanges nightmare flips disco flips impossibles mini ramps grinds and stalls that flow right im talking people want to do in games that they can do in real life no one wants another god damn fake ass tony hawk game or a shitty skate 3 to be honest everyone wants a skate game thats uber realistic meaning people want to see a trick that looks like Rodeny Mullen did it right in front of you!

Let me get a game that looks and flows like real life. EA has a shitty habit of buying up smaller studios and shutting them down a few years later, and loads of people lost their jobs. Its sad and way out of order and EA are dicks. Also sales were down after they totally rushed Skate 3 and brought it out only a year after 2 rather than waiting at least a couple of years like most good sequels, so the game itself was sub-par quality and full of bugs.

Still, apparently the Skate 3 sales have gone back up as recently as last year because Pewdiepie or someone played it on their channel and people wanted try it out themselves, they even had to print more copies of the game because it was in such high demand. Another commenter mentioned Rockstar and I could see that working, I enjoyed GTA 5 a lot and they definitely know how to make a good open-world game. I would be really great if the game could go back the overall style of Skate 2 but updated for next-gen, with better graphics and physics, bigger city think Los Santos in the Skate world , more customization etc.

The derelict areas, the cracks in the ground, the half-demolished buildings, the hobos shuffling around with bottles of alcohol are all things that made 2 seem like being in a real-life grungy city as opposed to the clean cut, cartoonish world of Skate 3 which felt almost dream-like. GTA 5 had plenty of grittiness to it too so Rockstar could replicate that well. If we could have a game with the smoothness of the walking, running and jumping in GTA and the skateboarding of Skate 2 that would be pretty damn perfect.

It sounds like I hate 3 but I actually enjoyed playing it well enough and it even warranted a few replays. I just hate the fact it was massively rushed to shamelessly milk money from the popularity of the last game, which had actual effort put into it.

I played it so much when I was younger, I still play it from time to time. Or that they just wanted more money. Make of it what you will. Rockstar actually did make a VERY similar skateboarding game a long time ago on the PS1 that focused on difficult button combos to do simpler tricks like frontside flips and stuff, you had to compete to get sponsors, and were chased away by police if you stayed at the spot too long.

It has a dope soundtrack and was tough enough for hardcore gamers. It was called Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. It was one of the best skateboarding games out there until the Skate series showed up. I would love for them to get back into it and make a Skate4 with the latest consoles. I think there deffinatly needs to be a new skate game on the next gen consoles as to date the game selection is quiet poor for the xbox1 and the ps4. This post has been here forever!

I really would love skate 4! People are still talking about it. Obviously it is VERY anticipated by now! Yeah I update the article from time to time. But there are not really actual news about a new skate 4 title.. It really sucks that we have to wait this long time, and still no a new skate title to appear!

We want to play this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would make the game play much longer. If you remake skate 3 you need to make sure all parks created and dlc transfers over. Skate3 is the only reason I still have a ps3. Looks like Skate 4 is coming! Please make a skate game for ps4!! I know so many people who love these games. Very liked Skate 2. I think they can get both skate and bmx audiences by butting skate and bmx in the game, like it was in TH American Wasteland.

Your email address will not be published. Home Contact Me Privacy Policy. Where the heck is Skate 4?! We want to play it!!

Contents 1 Rumors about EA Skate 4 …. Comments a game based off of biking would be insane for one and is getting really popular for two so garuntee youcould make a good suum of money and ot would be an awesome game. Hi Christian, yeah thought about that too. A cool BMX game with cool real parks would be awesome too cheers.

A realistic snowboarding game by EA black box would be great! I think that with the rise of Longboarding they could add long boards into skate 4. They did that in a Tony Hawk game. It Sucked. A bmx game by itself would be cool. You said BMX is more difficult then skating?? Hahahaha Your an idiot dude!! A scootering game? No Damien, go fuck yourself. They had a mini scooter game back on the PS1. Some Razor game.

They should ad scooters bikes roller blades. Descenders is just that and its really good! Hola Zach, haha… your suggestion is great! LOL firstly I need my Skate 4 … hahahaha. RiP Skate 1 Skate. Im with lewis scooters are popular now with crazy riders like r willy. I sure hope they are making skate 4.

If not skate, maybe a good BMX game. I think you should have bmx, skateboarding an scootering in a game that would just be sick. Hay James, you do not crush my hopes. The boardbreaking idea is really cool. We will see what EA will do for us in the future. Some more here wrote for boardbreaking. Would be sick to make some tricks like Rodney Mullen in this vid. Steep, but with skateboard, kayak, bmx-downhill mountain bike and parkour? I think they should make a game with bmx and skating thats what american wasteland did.

I think they would implement BMX and Longboards! They could try fixing the servers first… But bmx would be a fun addition. Hi, can you please make it available for wii? It could have a day and night cycle, that would be cool.

Why have they not thought about day night cycle or if they have why not put it in. I think they should put in real time events. Yeah they should add longboards. A New York one would be dope! As well as add street leauge skateboarding. They should make a bmx, scootering and skateboarding because it will Appel to most people. That would defeat the purpose of Skate maybe seperate games for scooters and bmx.

All your suggestions r gr8 i just wnt a new skate game. Bitches its all about nyjah huston and sean malto, theyre beast at everything they do!!!!!! Im sure people would buy it if it was good, skate 3 was bad. Why the hell would you wax a rail in a video game? That would be the freaking BOMB dudes!!!!!!

Skate 4 needs to have you make money instead of unlocking them like decks and chic nix like that. I want a release date for baby jesus sakes. You guys are all tools straight from the shed…. I also downhill, itd be so sick if there was a videogame. Maybe you could upload your own music. EA Snow. Snowboarding and snow skating, realistic with and edge to it…. Screw the snowboarding they should make surfing.

Put pro skater Nyjah Huston in the game skate 4. Keep boards and bikes seperate. Does this make sense to anyone? After going threw more comments from other posters I just want to add. Add the street league circut to a skate game.

This would be an awesome game for ps4 and xbox one. Love to see it come through! Steven Fernandez sucks. It would be a big mistake putting him in. They sould fix the spawning in skate 3. They should make a downhill mountain biking game or like the redbull rampage series. I think this would be the ultimate game. Though I may be asking too much. What about Nyjah Huston and some professional female skaters as pros? Unlucky guys: EA announced that the game is not in development yesterday….

Its and its not done iet what!!!!!!! Just get skate 4 and hurry up, or you could just remaster skate 3 for ps4.



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WebJun 11,  · Total Downloads , Downloads Last Week 20 Developer’s Description By Activision Claw your way up through the amateur ranks to prove yourself . WebJul 12,  · How To Install Skate 4 Pre Alpha | PC – YouTube How To Install Skate 4 Pre Alpha | PC Lyndon Taylor subscribers Subscribe K views 4 months ago A tutorial . WebJul 10,  · 1. Go to the folder where the game is located 2. Right click on “” 3. Click on “Properties” 4. Click on “Compatibility” in the top section 5. .


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